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Google Business Profile Optimization and Website Makeover Generates More Visibility Online and Builds Trust with Potential Clients

Spacek Floor Care Case Study

The Business

spacek floor care team

Spacek Floor Care is a family-owned and operated floor cleaning and sealing business established in 2009 in Georgetown, TX.

They have a 5-star rating and hundreds of satisfied customers because they consistently restore absolutely filthy floors, carpets, stone patios and more back to their original beauty.

The Problem

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow
iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow

Spacek Floor Care’s website and Google Business Profile were both incomplete and unoptimized. 

While their website did provide some helpful content, it was limited and not structured for maximum effectiveness. 

The site also had some technical issues that needed attention and a visual upgrade to make it look more professional.

According to Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, the most important factor used to rate a site is trustworthiness.

To deterimine this, the rater must “Consider the extent to which the page is accurate, honest, safe, and reliable.”

How a website looks is a potential customer’s first impression of the business and is also the main way to develop credibility with customers.

A visually-appealing website establishes a good first impression. Then, the complete, accurate and up-to-date content helps them to get to know you and the solutions you offer.

There was also an opportunity to improve their Google Business Profile which was in the following condition:

  • Verified, but incomplete
  • Few photos
  • No products listed
  • Not all services were listed and none of them had descriptions
  • Few reviews

The Solution

The primary goal was to improve Spacek Floor Care’s online presence because an informative and fully-optimized business profile and website are essential to ranking well in Google, getting in front of potential customers and building trust so that they want to do business with you.

We began working in late April, 2024. We provided Google Business Profile optimization and management, as well as website redesign, optimization and management.

spacek floor care menu before and after

The previous site had 7 pages, all available on the menu: Home, Services, FAQ & After Care, Photos, Videos, Contact Us, and Testimonials.

After the redesign, the menu became more concise, by having the following 5 pages: Services, Before and After, After-Care, About, and Contact.

And “Call Now” with the business phone number was added to the menu as a call to action.

Spacek Floor Care values ethics honesty hard work

From the original website’s content and customer reviews, it was clear that Spacek Floor Care not only offers a great service, but also are nice people. Because of this, we added a section highlighting 3 of their values.

  • Affordable price for quality work
  • Our code of ethics is honesty and hard work
  • We treat you like we want to be treated​

The Results

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow

Every aspect of the website was redesigned to represent the company in the best way possible.

Here are just some of the changes that were made:

  • The brand’s colors was used to make the website pop more.
  • More visible call to actions
  • Social proof through testimonials
  • Images of the company’s work
  • Text layout was redesigned to make the written content more readable

The redesign went beyond the home page.

On the previous website, there was a single service page with a paragraph for each service.

A new service page was added for each of the 9 services Spacek Floor Care offers.

The Grout Color Sealing page is an example of the service page design that was made following the homepage design.

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow
iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow

An example of what we did on the technical side to improve the website’s performance was to convert the images from .jpg to .webp. They went from 30.3 MB to 14.8 MB, a 51% optimization in memory space. This type of optimization helps the website load faster.

Here are some of the things we did to improve Spacek Floor Care’s Google Business Profile:

  • Completed the business information
  • Added more photos
  • Listed products
  • Listed the services that were missing
  • Gave guidance about asking for and responding to reviews
  • Completed the social media listing
iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow
iPhone 14 Pro Max – Space Black With Shadow
spacek floor care google business profile performance results

From 46 to 59 is a 28% increase in customer interactions with the Google Business Profile.

From 265 to 310 is a 17% increase in Google Business Profile views.

From 6 to 11 is a 45% increase in Google reviews.

spacek gbp march april comparison may june 2024 overview
spacek gbp march april comparison may june 2024 website clicks


The client is satisfied with how their new website looks and in a short amount of time is already getting more interactions through their Google Business Profile.

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