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“After 4 months, we increased in 30% the number of consultations and surgeries which is a very high number. I strongly recommend ViaWeb Marketing.”

Dr. Mariana Ramos | Veterinary Dentist

What Can a Fully-Optimized Google Business Profile Do for Your Service Business?

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According to recent studies, 97% of Google users searched online to find a local business and 78% of local searches result in an off-line conversion.

The problem for most veterinary practices is that they don’t have the time or knowledge to properly manage their Google Business Profile (GMB) profile. As a result, they don’t show up when pet owners search for vet services online.

Not being found on Google costs local businesses money because they miss out on valuable leads and potential customers.

A fully-optimized Google Business Profile can change that.

Use Google Business Profile to Nurture new clients for your practice


Capture the attention of searchers with a complete, attractive profile that stands out.


Connect with potential clients through informative and helpful content that creates credibility.


Convert more searchers into clients by getting them to take action on your Business Profile.

Here’s What ViaWeb Will Do to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Make Google Work For You!

Why Vet Specialists Recommend Us?

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Over the past 20 years, ViaWeb has had a lot of success in many industries.

  • We grew a travel website from 0 to more than 600,000 visitors a month and a purchase offer of 1.2 million dollars.
  • We took a struggling e-commerce store from $60,000 a year to just under $1 million in annual revenue.
  • We helped a newly graduated dentist grow from her small single office to owning a 3-floor medical center on a major street in only 5 years.

Most recently, we helped Dr. Mariana Ramos, a veterinary dentist, realize her goals to focus on the services that she wants to offer, while growing and expanding her clinic.

Through this successful partnership, we discovered a passion for working with veterinarians.

It doesn’t hurt that our entire team is made up of pet lovers!

So, we decided to focus all our efforts on helping veterinary professionals build sustainable and successful businesses.

While ViaWeb is not new to online marketing, we are new to working exclusively with veterinarians.

This presents a great opportunity for you.

In order to build up our portfolio, we are offering to provide our services at a discounted rate to the first few qualifying vet practices.

All we ask is that, if you are selected, you provide a video testimonial for us once the service is completed.

Ready to reap the benefits of our 20+ years of experience and get more leads for your practice? Great! Just click the button below, get in contact, and we will answer all your questions.


Get your business to the top of Google and start attracting more users who are searching online for the services you offer!


US$ 497


Get the GBP Revenue Boost!

This one-time service package is essential for any vet practice that wants to reap the ultimate benefits of Google Business Profile.

Trust your marketing into the right hands

You want what is best for your practice, and we understand that.

That is why we have geared our solutions to what digital marketing has best to offer vet practices.

Our team of experienced marketers, web and graphic designers are ready to serve you and your practice.

See below some of the great content we are putting out to help vets stand out from the competition and get the attention of local pet parents:


Be one of the first few approved applications to sign up at a discounted rate for a limited time only. Click below and learn more.

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